Difusor de Ambiente, Rosas Frescas


Infused with dried Red Roses and a hint of fresh Tobacco Leaves, Coqui Coqui's 'Rosas Secas' diffuser is inspired by the religious festival of Madonna de Candelaria that takes place Valladolid, a town located in the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula. The glass jar will make a chic addition to your nightstand or mantle. 

Small: lasts up to 9 months; 12.7 oz
Large: lasts up to 13 months; 25.4 oz, 7.6" W x 12.7" H x 3" D 


  • Includes reeds
  • Essential oils/cereal alcohol deodorized
  • Imported
  • Main notes: Fresh roses and citrus